Quills Algeo - Guitar/Vocals

Quills found the guitar at age 12, and it saved his life. His professional career began with excursions into the blues, and the ‘Jam-Band’ scene of Amherst and Boston in the early 80s. Then, it was original rock, with ‘Haven Moses’, in Portland, Maine in the 80s. Fast-forward…to Slygo Road! After thirty-nine years of blues, cover bands, power trios and mind-expanding jams, Slygo Road is a perfect blend of fat and lean, mean and clean, funk and clunk. Simplicity, sincerity and soul…like you dream about…Quills is home at last!

Ed Davis - Bass/Vocals

Ed's never met an instrument that he didn't like. He's a bass player by trade and has been playing blues and R&B since the late 80's with the bands Freaks of Nature, The X-men, Ahab's Other Leg, KNOB, the on-going originals band Slackasaurus and of course Slygo Road. Ed says, "I'm psyched to be playing with such a talented group of musicians and excited to be perfomring live. See you at the show.

Dan Morrow - Sax/Keys/Percussion/Vocals/Happiness Infuser

Dan's the engine of Slygo Road. His infectious enthusiasm gets people on their feet and his sometimes-soulful, always-smoking sax brings new life to old rock and blues classics. If you're lucky you might catch him whip out his clarinet to Dixie things up once in a while. Dan is also a talented song writer with a flair for heavy-hitting blues tunes with infectious horn lines.

Shank Perkins - Drums/Vocals/Snark

Shank's "given" name is Sheldon. He got his nickname "Shank" from a notorious Portland-area BBQ guru who went by "Uncle Billy" (long story, but worth it). Shank played classic and southern rock throughout high school and college and then played the Long Island “showcase club” circuit in the mid 1980s with the original band Wacked. In 1998 he played several tracks on Boston jazz guitarist, Bob Johnson’s CD Musings. He considers himself a melodic drummer focused as much on feel as technique. He enjoys long walks on the beach and gassy old rescue dogs and cats.